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Ahmedabad BRTS - Janmarg | Benefits and Advantages to Common Public

I will show you the case study of Ahemdabad Traffic Transportation Network. You will see that till 2005 how ineffective public transport Ahemdaba...


Dealing with Congestion

By Dr. O. P. Agarwal, Executive Director, Indian School of Business will initiate the conversation Place : New DelhiVenue : Casuarina hall, India ...


Urban Policy Dialogues | OP Agarwal

the launch of national flagship policy programmes in June 2015, the UPD 2015 is themed to help address the challenges of effective implementation ...


Webinar - Role of Transport in making Cities Green

This Earth Day, TERI organized a webinar on 'Role of Transport in making Cities Green' on 22 April 2014. During this webinar, the presenter, Ms A...