Webinars Detail

Webinar Detail

Ahmedabad BRTS - Janmarg | Benefits and Advantages to Common Public

31 May 2016

I will show you the case study of Ahemdabad Traffic Transportation Network. You will see that till 2005 how ineffective public transport Ahemdabad had, how heavily polluted it was, roads chocked with vehicles. Then in 2006 revolutionary transportation system was born that is 'Janmarg',it is a BRTS system implemented with the help of JNNURM fund, and road network was decided by CEPT Professor. This system has specially allocated corridor for BRTS buses, dedicated cycle tracks, it is 72 km network. System reaches largest segment of people. 90% service satisfaction as per independent surveys. It has universally designed infrastructure. And at end I will show you BRTS networks of China and Jakarta.