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Double impact: RRTS to offer comfort, speed

Double impact: RRTS to offer comfort, speed

New Delhi:

The high-speed Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor, on which a distance of 82km will be covered in an hour, will have aerodynamic, state-of-the-art trains offering business-class luxury to commuters, apart from a reserved coach for women.

National Capital Regional Transport Corporation (NCRTC), which is executing the project, has finalised the procurement of rolling stock. As part of the “Make in India” initiative, the trains will be manufactured by Bombardier Transportation India Private Ltd in Savli, Gujarat.

A total of 30 train sets of six coaches each will be manufactured for the regional transit services and 10 sets of three coaches each for the local Meerut transit services. The high-speed aerodynamic trains with a design speed of 180 kmph will be self-propelled on electric traction. ‘The delivery of the rolling stock will start in 2022,” NCRTC said.

The RRTS train would be designed keeping in mind the high-acceleration and deceleration it would need to undergo, given the maximum operational speed of 160 kmph and stations at every 5-10km.

The “aircraft-like” trains will have automatic plug-in doors, which will help reduce air-friction and noise. “Keeping commuter convenience in mind, the 3.2m-wide trains will have 2x2 transverse seating arrangement like Shatabdi Express, besides a comfortable standing space,” NCRTC claimed.

There will be one business class and a reserved coach for women in each train. Keeping in mind the intercity travelling needs, there will also be luggage racks. While the general coaches will have more standing space, the business class ones will offer a more luxurious ride for a higher fee. The charges are yet to be decided.

“There are also plans of providing free Wi-Fi in these coaches,” a source said. A separate enclosure or lounge with proper seating and other facilities have been planned on the platform. The passengers will get a separate travel card for entry into the segregated lounge and the coaches, the source added.

Entry into a business class coach will be facilitated by dual AFC gates — one for entry into the paid area of the station, while the second will be installed at the platform level for entry into the coach. Passengers will be able to decide their class of travel at any time with the help of these gates.


ON FAST TRACK: The high-speed aerodynamic trains with a design speed of 180 kmph will be self-propelled on electric traction