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Plans on track to ensure metro resumes smoothly

Plans on track to ensure metro resumes smoothly

New Delhi:

This Sunday marked the sixth week of Delhi Metro’s shutdown because of the lockdown. However, over 3,500 trips have been made by Delhi Metro trains during this period to keep the sophisticated system in readiness to resume the operations.

To ensure that the 360-kilometre network with 264 stations and 14 depots remains well-oiled during the lockdown, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is carrying out maintenance of the system, which includes running trains on all corridors twice a day. Completely shutting down the system might result in glitches when metro operations resume.

May 3 was also the 26th Foundation Day of DMRC and for the first time in all these years, the event was celebrated virtually where managing director Mangu Singh congratulated 14,000 DMRC employees through a message. “On this special day, we should all be extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve as an organisation. More than sixty lakh journeys with a punctuality of over 99 per cent were being performed on the Delhi Metro every day prior to the suspension of services in March,” he said.

“We have worked hard to celebrate our Foundation Day using social media,” a DMRC official said.

DMRC also shared a stunning video of Delhi Metro’s network under lockdown and another encapsulating its 25- yearlong journey on social media.

The 3,500 train trips during the lockdown are a result of at least two trains running from both ends of most Delhi Metro corridors towards the other end twice a day. “The exercise is aimed at ensuring good health and functionality of all the systems like track, traction, signalling, telecommunication, etc.,” the official added.

“Minimum staff from system-related wings like Signalling, Electrical, Telecom, Civil, Traction and Track are deployed at stations. The purpose is to ensuring that all systems are working fine,” he said.

“The duty roster for the staff has been prepared in such a way that a Station Manager/Station Controller visits the unmanned stations every sixth day.”

Operation Control Centres at Metro Bhawan and Shastri Park have minimum staff deployment round-the-clock. “Generally, 10 to 12 staff work per shift which has been reduced to 2 to 3 per shift,” he said.

DMRC is ensuring power supply at metro stations for minimum lighting for Central Industrial Security Force personnel, station control room, toilets and ensuing galleries, water pump and availability of water in toilets. DMRC is also ensuring functionality of the overhead electrical equipment and signalling systems throughout the lockdown period.

“Similarly, all communication systems, such as radio sets and intercom, are in working mode along with cameras,” he said.

“CISF personnel are manning all the stations and are also monitoring periodically through station rounds and CCTVs any unusual activity on the premises. Any abnormal activity shall be reported to the control room,” he said.

“About 3,500 workers employed in various DMRC sites are also being taken care of since the beginning of the lockdown. All basic amenities, including medical care, are being provided to them,” the official added.


BATTLE-READY: Delhi Metro trains have made over 3,500 trips to keep the sophisticated system in readiness to resume the operations