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Delhi has best AQI ever, ‘good air’ day in 34 other cities

Delhi has best AQI ever, ‘good air’ day in 34 other cities

New Delhi:

As India remained under lockdown for the fourth consecutive day, the nation’s focus stayed on preventing the spread of Covid-19 infections and helping stranded citizens. Meanwhile, an unprecedented change was in the air, literally. With steep decline in traffic volumes, construction and industrial activity, India on Saturday recorded the best air quality in years, if not decades.

The day’s average air quality index was in the top category (“good”) in as many as 35 cities out of 101 monitored by the Central Pollution Control Board on Saturday. Experts are calling this “unprecedented” and “unbelievable”, not seen since the national air quality index was launched in 2014.

Delhi recorded its bestever AQI of 45 on Saturday, a day after a spell of rain. This was the first “good air” day in the capital since August 18 last year and only the third in more than three years. This was also the first time that the capital recorded AQI in the “good” range outside the monsoon months.