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Nearly 50,000 camera-based traffic challans in a single day

Nearly 50,000 camera-based traffic challans in a single day

New Delhi:

Traffic police have issued 49,735 challans on Sunday based on the videos captured in the cameras installed around the city. Police officers said that almost all these challans were related to speeding or jumping a traffic light.

A senior officer said that since the roads were empty due to the lockdown since Sunday, drivers were found speeding on some of the stretches and were captured in the speed cameras.

The drivers would be booked under the new provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act that was notified earlier last week by Delhi government. They would now have to pay fines of more than Rs 1,000 for jumping a traffic signal.

Cops said that the challan figures showed a sudden jump on Sunday due to the empty roads, the figures usually remain within 10,000-12,000 per day under the camera-based prosecutions.

The speed cameras installed under the ITMS programme had become ineffective since police were not allowed to issue notices to collect fines.

As soon as this became evident among motorists, most drivers were found violating norms despite being caught on camera. Officers said that most people are still unaware that the speed cameras have been brought back to order.

Along with the astronomical fines recommended in the new MV Act, the camera-based challan system was meant to deter motorists from speeding, racing and stunt biking, police officers said.