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DTC makes ID card must for passengers

DTC makes ID card must for passengers

New Delhi:

With nearly 2,000 buses of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) on the city roads on the second day of lockdown, there was less crowding inside the buses compared with Monday. However, to ensure only those involved in essential services are allowed to travel, DTC has now made it mandatory for all passengers to show identity cards. An order in this regard was issued by DTC managing director on Tuesday.

“This was necessary as even those who were not involved in essential services were roaming around in buses, putting other passengers and our staff in danger,” an official from DTC said.

“Our buses are being thoroughly sanitised, but with unnecessary crowding, maintaining social distancing becomes difficult,” he added.

“With more DTC buses in place, vehicles were comparatively less crowded today. The situation will improve on Wednesday with only those with official identity cards allowed to board buses,” he asserted.

While barring all types of public transport from operating on Sunday, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had allowed only 25% buses of the DTC fleet to operate from Monday. Due to the overcrowding witnessed on the first day of the lockdown, DTC was asked to operate 50% of its fleet. With the number of buses in DTC’s fleet being 3,756, around 2,000 buses operated on Tuesday.

“The frequency of buses was significantly better on Tuesday and all passengers were able to maintain a comfortable distance,” said a central government employee who didn’t wish to be identified.