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DMRC: Avoid travelling by metro unless unavoidable

DMRC: Avoid travelling by metro unless unavoidable

New Delhi:

If you are not working from home and depend on Delhi Metro for your daily commute, be prepared for some tough measures that come into effect from Friday. In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has advised commuters to avoid travelling by the metro unless absolutely unavoidable. Also, if you have fever or show any symptoms of the Covid-19 infection, you could be referred for quarantine from the metro station itself.

To avoid any chance of spread of the novel coronavirus, DMRC will ensure that trains would run near empty. No standing passengers will be allowed and alternate seats are to be left vacant. Train frequency could also be reduced and if train operators find crowding at any station, they will not stop the train at it.

“Any passenger who appears to have symptoms of the Covid-19 is strictly advised to avoid travel by the metro or any other mode of public transport,” said Anuj Dayal, executive director (corporate communication), DMRC. “Please maintain at least one metre distance from each other while travelling in the metro or at the station.”

DMRC will also carry out random ther mal scanning of passengers at all metro stations. “In case anyone has fever or any other symptom, they will be referred for medical tests and quarantine to the authorities,” Dayal added.

Dayal said that frequency of trains may be altered depending upon the exigencies of the situation. DMRC’s decision came only hours after chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said that frequency of trains would not be reduced to avoid crowding. Kejriwal, however, has also requested Delhiites to avoid travelling.


DMRC will ensure that trains run near-empty to avoid transmission of novel coronavirus