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Railways tries to replicate airport’s pick-and-drop at New Delhi station

Railways tries to replicate airport’s pick-and-drop at New Delhi station

Takes Step To Ease Traffic At Ajmeri Gate

New Delhi:

Trying to replicate an airport-like model for ‘pick and drop’ vehicles at the Ajmeri Gate side of New Delhi railway station, Northern Railway has started a new ‘parking-cum-access control rights’ system, which aims to reduce congestion in the three traffic lanes by charging vehicles after lapsing of eight minutes.

While commercial vehicles will be immediately charged Rs 30 when they enter the three lanes, non-commercial vehicles will have eight minutes to pick up a passenger, following which Rs 50 will be levied on them. If a car remains in the three lanes for more than 30 minutes — a fine of Rs 1,000 will be levied on the vehicle, which will then be towed away, officials said.

Divisional railway manager, Delhi Divison, SC Jain told TOI that the model was designed keeping in mind congestion problems, as vehicle owners — instead of parking in the dedicated zone — would stop their vehicles in the ‘pick and drop’ lanes — leading to longer queues and congestion.

“Our study estimated that in order to pick up a passenger, it only takes around two-three minutes. We have still given non-commercial vehicles up to eight minutes to enter the lane, stop and pick up/ drop a passenger. This is free of cost for them. Only after eight minutes they will have to pay,” said Jain.

For non-commercial vehicles, meanwhile, the first eight minutes mean an entry fee of Rs 30, which increases to Rs 50 (8-15 minutes) and Rs 200 (15-30 minutes). Jain said there is already a dedicated fourth lane for pre-paid taxis which is not chargeable. “If a commercial vehicle wants to pick up a passenger, they can enter the lane and leave on time. If they stay longer, they will be charged for that. If one needs to stay longer, they can simply go to the dedicated parking zones where the rates haven’t changed,” said Jain.

According to railway officials the model will be analysed for the next few months, the success of which may lead to a similar model being placed at the Paharganj side of the railway station. “No pickup and drop facility will be permitted beyond the 30 minutes and a vehicle so detected will be fined Rs 1,000 and towed away,” said an official.