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Lajpat Nagar-III parking plan yet to clear all bottlenecks

Lajpat Nagar-III parking plan yet to clear all bottlenecks

New Delhi:

Lack of consensus between the residents and the municipal corporation seems to be delaying the parking area management plan in Lajpat Nagar-III. The area was among the three places, which were identified for implementing the project on a pilot basis in the city following the directions of the Supreme Court.

While East and North corporations have implemented the pedestrianisation and parking plans in Kamla Nagar and Krishna Nagar areas, respectively, South Delhi Municipal Corporation is struggling to enforce the plan.

Opposing the municipal corporation’s decisions to declare Nullah Road as ‘no parking zone,’ to tow away vehicles parked on internal lanes, and to impose penalty, the locals have written a letter to SDMC, traffic police as well as Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA).

“I fail to understand under which law the authorities have started towing away the residents’ cars. These vehicles were not even obstructing the free flow of traffic,” said Harvinder Singh, former RWA secretary.

EPCA member Sunita Narain said the Delhi maintenance and management of parking places rules, 2019 were notified and the corporation was working as per the project plan for Lajpat Nagar-III. SDMC deputy commissioner, Prem Shankar Jha, said, “We are taking steps to streamline parking. We will appreciate if residents also support us. We have installed bollards on Nullah Road, apart from 86 signage.” He added, “After the trial run, people have become familiar with the plan. The situation is improving day by day.”

The civic agency has designed stickers of three different colours to be issued to the local residents to distinguish their vehicles from those belonging to the rest. These are distributed with help of the local resident welfare associations.

Residents have, however, expressed reservations for paying Rs 1,000 for stickers. “We have asked EPCA to intervene and instruct SDMC or RWA to provide stickers free of cost to all residents,” added a resident.

SDMC officials, meanwhile, said they had nothing to do with the amount being charged for stickers. “The RWA probably plans to deploy guards at the two gates, which will open as part of the project,” said an official.

In Lajpat Nagar, signage of “no parking, residents’ parking, and visitors’ parking” have been installed at different sites. Nullah Road has been declared as “no-parking zone”. “We have seen some difference of late as people have started following the parking norms. Even Nullah Road, which used to remain cluttered earlier due to haphazard parking of vehicles, now remains free,” the official added.

Amanjeet Singh, president of Lajpat Nagar-III RWA, said the association had asked SDMC for some amendments. “No-parking zones at a few places force residents to park their vehicles 200 metres away from their houses. Residents should also be allowed to use some parking lots reserved for visitors. We have asked for allowing parking at roundabouts as well,” he said.