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Ph-IV metro will pull in another 19L riders

Ph-IV metro will pull in another 19L riders

New Delhi:

Phase IV of Delhi Metro will add 103.9 km to the network and pull in another 18.6 lakh riders every day for an incremental daily figure of 328 lakh passenger-kilometres, the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority, or EPCA, has stated in a report submitted to the Supreme Court. Stressing on the importance of improving the capital’s public transport network, EPCA has calculated that the passenger-kilometres travelled daily in the capital and found that private vehicles accounted for 51% of the current passenger-kilometres.

Passenger-km is a measure of movement of passengers by a mode of transport and is equal to the number of passengers carried by that mode multiplied by the number of kilometres the passengers travel. According to the report, there was no study available on the current ridership of different modes of travel in Delhi, but EPCA held a discussion with officials of the transport department, Delhi Transport Corporation, the cluster bus scheme and Delhi Metro to normalise the data and convert ridership into passenger-km travelled.

EPCA reckoned that Delhi Metro, with its daily ridership of 25 lakh, logged 440 lakh passenger-km every day, 30% of the total daily passengerkm of the capital. DTC buses have a daily ridership of 20-25 lakh per day, translating to 160-200 lakh passenger-km, while the cluster buses have a daily ridership of 12 lakh, or 96 lakh passenger-km per day.

“It is clear the share of public transport in daily passenger trips/km travelled must be urgently increased so that the city can combat toxic air pollution,” the EPCA report said. “This can only be done if there is an adequate provision of public transport in the city. In other words, the metro system must be built expeditiously and the number of well-serviced and reliable buses must be increased expeditiously.”

EPCA, however, pointed out the discrepancies in the existing data. “For instance, while 1,679 cluster buses are estimated to have12 lakh riders per day, DTC with 3,600 buses estimates it carries 30 lakh riders daily. The problem is the way the total ridership is calculated. The daily bus passes as of April 2018 were roughly 55% of the total ridership in DTC and it is assumed that each bus pass is used for six trips daily. This assumption increases the ridership, which has no basis and is difficult to justify,” said the report, adding that DTC’s corrected record should be 20-25 lakh trips per day.

EPCA states the approval of the 103.9 km phase IV of Delhi Metro has been held up since 2014 with a stalemate between Delhi government and Centre over financial aspects of the project. It said the state government had communicated its stand that DMRC could not start work on Phase-IV till these issues were resolved. EPCA told the apex court that the differences stemmed from the national Metro Rail Policy of August 2017, which specified that the Union government would have a role to play in public transport infra projects.

Anumita Roy Chowdhury of CSE, said the completion of Phase IV would add 18.6 lakh rider per day to metro’s services, which already accounted for 30% of passenger-km travelled daily in the city. “We estimate that with Phase IV’s completion, 80% of Delhiites will be within 400 metres of any metro system,” noted Chowdhury.



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