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Look, who is stopping at traffic junctions!

Look, who is stopping at traffic junctions!

E-Challans Make Amdavadis Respect Traffic Signals Even At Midnight


‘Big brother’ seems to have drilled some traffic sense into unruly Amdavadis that generations of traffic cops haven’t been able to do.

Three cars neatly stopping behind the ‘stop line’ well past midnight at 00:33 am at Dafnala junction —one of the busiest junctions of the city during daytime —is a sight rarely, if ever, witnessed in Ahmedabad. Motorists and even bikers can be seen patiently waiting for the signal to turn green in the dead of the night at Paldi at 1.20 am.

Traffic surveillance cameras powered by artificial intelligence are proving to be a game-changer for the city police.

Not only have many road users started recognizing traffic markings —like stop line, lanes and zebra crossing —the round the clock red light violation detection system (RLVDS) operational at 25 major junctions have also helped reduce accidents as well.

Traffic violations like jumping red light and crossing stop-line have gone down by nearly 60% from 2.8 lakh in March to 1.59 lakh in May. Till June 16, the traffic department has recorded only 50,410 stop line-red light violations.

DCP traffic (admin and west), Tejas Patel, said, “We have noticed a perceptible change in the behaviour of motorists following RLVDS echallans.” He added, “ “People have also become conscious of traffic rules. Earlier, no one used to care to stop at the stopline or before the zebra crossing but RLVDS has at least taught the road user to watch out,” said Patel.

Number of traffic violators has dropped: Cops

The powerful artificial intelligence in the RLVDS traffic surveillance system captures the image of vehicles while its algorithm detects the violation by calculating position of the vehicle and distance from the stop line previously fed,” said traffic police sub-inspector K V Patel. The 25 traffic junctions for RLVDs were carefully chosen by police commissioner A K Singh and joint CP traffic J R Mothalia considering high number of violations, accidents and traffic volume being reported from these junctions.“There has been a drastic drop in the number of violators. You may argue with a traffic policeman over crossing over a stop line or after jumping a red light and may get away. But who will argue with ‘big brother’ watching over city’s roads. There is not much room for error,” reasons another senior traffic police official.


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