Public Transportation Systems

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This course discusses the evolution and role of urban public transportation modes, systems and services, focusing on bus and rail. Technological characteristics are described, along with their impacts on capacity, service quality, and cost. Current practice and new methods for data collection and analysis, performance monitoring, route and network design, frequency determination, and vehicle and crew scheduling are covered. The course also discusses effects of pricing policy and service quality on ridership, methods for estimating costs associated with proposed service changes, organizational models for delivering public transportation service including finance and operations, and select transit management topics including labor relations, fare policy and technology, marketing and operations management.

Understanding the Urban Transport Problem

This document is to educate people about the urban transport problem. Its aims to sensitive on existing scenario of Existing Urban transport system like congestion, increased travel time, air pollution, accident/safety ,health and other related issues.

City Wide Multi modal Integration Transport

The Objective of this document is to :

1- Need for Integration

2- Concept of Integration

3- Types of Integration

4- Components & Sub-components of Integration

5- Case Studies

6- Discussion, Q & A

Public Transport Planning-Introduction to City Bus System

The Objective of this tutorial is to educate about

1- Planning a Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT) network

2- Choice of mode

3- Alternative analysis

4- Case Studies

Demand Assessment Planning

1- Educate the participants on the need for demand assessment to make transportation decisions

2- Scientific basis for picking and planning projects

3- The time and money and data it takes to develop good forecasts and how to choose tools based on time and money

4- Assess the reasonableness of model assumptions and forecasts

5- Ensure that the model is fully validated against observed data

6- How to review traffic forecasts and check for reasonableness

City Bus System-Operational Plan *

1- Determine the components involved around a City Bus System

2- Know the steps involved in planning the City Bus Service

3- Understand the different types of routes and networks to work with

4- Know how to do estimate ridership or demand

5- Learn how to do Route Identification

6- Learn how to do Network planning

7- Learn the types of data to be collected and surveys to be conducted

Infrastructural Planning: Depot, Terminal, Bus Stand, Workshop & control

1- Need, functions, associated facilities

2- Design Criteria

3- Manpower requirement planning

4- General principles of layout planning

5- Management of Utilities

6- Discussion, Q & A session

Intelligent Transport System in Public Transport

Role of Intelligent Transportation System in enhancing the quality of the city bus service in following areas.


1- In Vehicle

2- Bus Depot / Workshop / Bus Stop

3- Central Control Station

4- Discussion, Q & A session

Public Transportation System: Public Private Partnership

1- Need, nature and characteristics of contracting system

2- Key PPP models 

3- Key features of successful and sustainable PPP model

4- Role and Responsibilities of partners

5- Tendering systems for outsourcing

6- Problems and issues with recent PPP attempts

7- Discussion, Q & A session

Public Transportation System: Maintenance and Management

1- Objectives, Institutional and organizational setup
2- Maintenance types, merit and demerits
3- Vehicle Maintenance spares and aggregates
4- Man power requirement planning
5- Fuel  efficiency
6- Performance measurement parameters and Management Information System
7- Discussion, Q&A session

Fare Collection, Fare Fixation and Financial Viability of Urban Transport Project

To familiarize about the following:

1- Components of Capital Cost
2- Components of Operating Cost
3- Fare Collection Technology
4- Fare Fixation / Revision Methods
5- Concept of Cost / Benefit analysis – Financial Viability of the project
6- Components of Revenue
7-Revenue Sources other than fare box revenue


Public Transportation Systems -Reforms

Salient Features of SPV, UTF, Advertisement policy, Parking Policy and Fare revision mechanism

Sensitization to Urban Transport Issues 1( Course Code: IUT - 001)

Development of Training Material Under "Sustainable Urban Transport Project"

Sensitization to Urban Transport Issues 2( Course Code: IUT - 002)

A set of 10 Subject Modules, each for a group of topics on subjects associated with sustainable urba...

Public Transportation Systems( Course Code: PTS)

This course discusses the evolution and role of urban public transportation modes, systems and servi...