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Development of Training Material Under "Sustainable Urban Transport Project"

Introduction - Development of Training Material Under "Sustainable Urban Transport Project"

Transport differs from other problems developing societies face, because it gets worse rather than better with economic development. While sanitation, education, and other challenges improve with economic growth, transport gets worse

Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT): An Overview

Mobility of people and of goods is an essential part for all social and economic activities. India is witnessing high growth rates of the vehicle fleet in recent years. Non-motorized transport, which in earlier times was the common way of linking together places of activities, has been substituted to a large extent by the car in daily mobility, and by trucks, for freight movement. The result of these processes has resulted in significant changes to the land use patterns.

Land Use and Transport

This section describes the interaction between land use and transport as the two main interacting components of urban planning and development as part of a comprehensive sustainable urban transport system, policies and projects.

Mass Transit options

This section describes the impact of transport systems in terms of public health and environment, both for users of different transport modes as for other citizens. It provides a description of the different measures used to tackle negative effects of urban transport, as they are always under the scope of a sustainable urban transport policy. The issues named here are also normally described under the umbrella of “co-benefits”, as they do not constitute benefits (or negative impacts) in the transport system per say, but in parallel sectors. Also, one must note that transport is one of the sectors where greater benefits can be achieved with specific measures, when compared to other sectors of the economy. There is great potential in transport to improve and generate benefits to citizens.

Development of Training Material Under "Sustainable Urban Transport Project"

The Government of India (GoI) has initiated the Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) with support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNDP, and the World Bank. The objective of the project is to facilitate the provision of urban transport infrastructure and services in a manner that is consistent with sustainable environmental considerations and the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP).

Sensitization to Urban Transport Issues 1( Course Code: IUT - 001)

Development of Training Material Under "Sustainable Urban Transport Project"

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